Do you suffer from painful, stubborn verrucas? Have you tried chemist bought preparations, strong acids and freeze sprays to no avail?

Look no further, Swift microwave therapy is now available at the Shand Podiatry Practice Aberdeen

The Shand Practice Aberdeen Podiatry

What is Swift Microwave therapy?


Swift is a new technology, developed in the UK, which has been licenced for the general treatment of skin lesions in Podiatry and Dermatology. Swift uses microwave energy which is delivered through a special probe applied to the skin to treat the affected tissue.

The Shand Practice are proud to bring this technology to Aberdeen providing a revolutionary new technique for treating verrucae.

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How does Swift Treatment work?


Swift Technology Verruca Aberdeen

Infected tissue can exist several millimetres below the surface and can often be difficult to treat using traditional methods resulting in either untreated tissue or significant damage


Advanced Swift Technology Verruca Aberdeen

Swift delivers a precise, highly controlled energy dose. As microwaves travel into the tissue water molecules begin colliding and creating localised heat energy – quickly destroying all infected tissue within a predetermined depth.


Microwave Technology Verruca Aberdeen

In just seconds the treatment is complete leaving the body to absorb and replace the treated tissue.

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The Shand Practice in Aberdeen provides these revolutionary verrucae treatments at great prices.

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